Do Betta Fish Sleep? A Closer Look At The Sleeping Habits Of These Popular Fish

Not long ago, someone brought up a question about Betta Fish that I hadn’t really considered before. Although it was a good question, it did make me chuckle a little bit. The person asked whether or not Betta fish sleep. If you take a minute to consider that every animal has to stop and rest at one point or another, the answer quickly becomes clear. Without giving their bodies time to recharge, they wouldn’t be able to survive.

Betta Fish Sleep Too!

animals need sleepIt goes without saying, then, that Betta fish do sleep.

All animals require sleep in order to stay alive (insects are another story). When a Betta fish sleeps, both its body and mind are rejuvenated, allowing the fish to recover from the stresses and physical challenges that it experienced during the day. Without sleep, this recovery wouldn’t be possible, which could cause a number of different physical and mental issues.

The same thing is true for humans. A lack of sleep affects everything from our ability to learn to our ability to create and store memories.

Betta Fish Are Nocturnal

Like humans, Betta fish are active during daylight hours and sleep after the sun goes down. Aside from nocturnal creatures, most other animals on the planet follow this same schedule. Imagine how defenseless you would be if you spent the day sleeping in the middle of a crowded park. Staying awake and alert during the day and sleeping at night makes a lot more sense from a safety standpoint. This holds true for fish, as well. Sleeping during the daytime would make attacks by larger fish much more likely.

The sleep habits of Betta fish are similar to those of humans. When they sleep, they are essentially motionless. Oftentimes,

do betta fish sleep?

Do Betta Fish Sleep?

people even get worried, thinking that their beloved pet fish died when it really is just sleeping. As a Betta prepares to sleep, they will usually take cover in dark, hidden areas in their tank.

Like humans, each individual Betta may follow a slightly different sleep schedule. They may also choose different places to sleep. It isn’t much different than how some people prefer to sleep in a dark, quiet bedroom while others drift off to sleep in a recliner in front of the TV. While some Betta fish prefer sleeping in dark, secluded spaces, others don’t mind resting in less protected places.

The best way to keep your Betta happy is by paying attention to their preferences when it comes to sleep. If you observe them closely over a period of several weeks, you should be able to get a much better idea of their sleep habits. Be sure to keep a close eye on your Betta’s face, as well. These fish frequently yawn, which is quite fun to see. Now that you are more familiar with the sleep habits of Betta fish, you can help ensure that your fish has plenty of shelter available so that they can get the rest they need.