Month: November 2016

Betta Fish Food

Your Betta fish food, at least the daily diet for your betta fish, should be either a formulated pellet or flake. Because it is possible to increase your Betta’s lifespan by making sure he has a well balanced and nutritious meal every day. Finding the best betta fish food can be confusing to a new owner as it comes in many different forms. Trying to figure how much and of what you, the owner, should be feeding his Betta. What Should You Feed Your Betta Fish? There are synthetic or formulated betta foods, like flakes and pellets. and then...

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Betta Fish Tank

When you’re creating a home for for your betta fish, a proper betta fish tank should be your number one priority. I can’t stress the importance of a clean, safe and roomy betta fish tank for a happy and healthy betta fish. Due to the fact that it is such a popular betta fish tank, the basic five gallon aquarium is what I will use as an example. Betta Fish Tank Size Is a basic five gallon aquarium the best choice for betta fish? The guideline to follow is quite simple, for each inch of adult betta fish, you...

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Female Betta Fish

There appears to be a few burning questions that fish buyers are always thinking about – is my fish a female betta fish or male betta and does it matter? Can I really put my female and male betta fish together? I had these same questions at the time I visited the pet store to buy my first betta. When I asked the store clerk how I could tell the difference between a female betta and male betta, he told me it didn’t really matter, given that I wasn’t planning on breeding. He said I could just choose whichever...

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